3 Steps to Replenish Your Heart


Are you seeking better ways to communicate with your partner?

Or perhaps you are curious about the patterns you see in each of your intimate relationships.

Do you desire to turn it all around and make some hard decisions?

  • In my book, I go into even greater detail about the Replenish Me Process.
  • This will be an opportunity to lean into and examine the way you approach your relationships through unconscious behavioral and mental patterns such as
  • Whether you have a barrier to exploring your sexuality deeper or want to real it in, we will go there in cellular detail.
  • Get ready to replenish your heart, mind, body and soul!
It all starts with your thoughts driving your emotions and then our behavior. The final stage is your words. Do you desire to transform? Walk your talk! Each video is 20 minutes complete with a worksheet.
Part 1 - Release - Source of your thoughts and the thought patterns we have developed or frozen in time since the age of 5. The video gives a real life example.
Part 2 - Restructure - Create understanding with your values. This is about communicating our values clearly so that you can without numbing your emotions. Feel into it.
Part 3 - Refresh - Now speak your truth and speak differently with the people who you wish to deepen relationships or have intimate relationships. 
Meal being cooked
Woman cooking lunch

Part 1 is all about reprogramming the patterns of behavior you have been developing since the ages 0-4

Mother with son baking

Part 2 is choosing new habits surrounding how you communicate which have been developing since ages 5-11

Couple making dinner

Part 3 is when we start to reprogram what we allow and accept from our relationships from the ages of 12-15

As a bonus once you complete the 3 part training, you will get a chapter of my book.